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Rustic Silver Mason Jars, Industrial Mason Jar, Stainless Steel Mason Jar, Vintage Jar, Mason Jar Decor, Painted Mason Jar, Industrial Decor

  • $ 35.00

Distressed Silver Mason Jars, Rustic Stainless Steel Mason Jars, Vintage Mason Jar Decor, Industrial Mason Jar, Mason Jar Canisters, Mason Jar Office

This set includes 2 quart size Vintage Ball Perfect Mason Jars circa 1933-1960. These have been hand painted to appear like brushed stainless steel and then distressed. Each jar has a silver lid and lid ring. Each lid ring is embellished with a removable silver pipe clamp that adds to the rustic and industrial appearance.

The jars sit in a rustic galvanized wash tub style container. This tub is approximately 9 inches across and is approximately 6 inches from back to front. On the front of the tub is a removable galvanized steel and chalkboard magnet.

This is an original and unique set that could serve many purposes: table centerpiece, desk caddy, kitchen canisters, bathroom storage and more!

Please message me with any questions!

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