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Mason Jar Desk Set, Copper Desk Set, Rustic Office Decor, Mason Jar Bathroom Set, Mason Jar Office Organizer, Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

  • $ 42.00

Office Mason Jar Set or Mason Jar Bathroom Accessory Set in a Copper Patina finish.

Office, Bathroom or Vanity mason jar set in beautiful bright metallic copper with turquoise and green patina. Each jar has a copper toned lid ring that is embellished with beautiful turquoise and cooper toned sequins and beads.

This set of 5 jars. Includes a flower vase, 1 pen & pencil holders or toothbrush holder, 1 accessory or hand sanitizer jar, a business card or q-tip holder, and a beautiful tea candle jar. Tea candle insert can be removed to use this jar as a paper clip holder. There is one quart sized jar, 1 pint size jar, a 1/2 pint jelly jar , an Elite (squatty) 1/2 pint jar, and a 1/4 pint jelly jar (with tea candle insert)

These mason jars are hand-painted with acrylic paint on the outside only. The patina was done by hand with beautiful metallic paints. Each jar is then sealed. To clean, Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth.

Please message me with any questions!

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